wanna join the most craziest
company in the whole universe ?
We want people who are not afraid to try new stuff, to break the rules, to be creative, to try differently, to learn, to fail, to move forward, to make bold moves, to drop things and start again without loss of enthusiasm.
We want people who are in love with what they do. Who would do it anyway if they weren't paid or told to do so. Those who really enjoy what they do usually become experts at it.
We want real people. Honest, humble, authentic, who take responsability and don't cover up. No formal or corporate crap attitude. No businessy/markety/hypish self-centered. Be real.
Wanna work in a safe and boring corporate job?
The close button is up there.

We are looking for a really good iOS developer who likes
beautiful stuff and experimentations for a top secret
side project that will kick the web browsing nest

This is one thing amongst many very cool projects you could
be working on instead of wasting your time and talent on
your current position.

And you don't need to move anywhere. We want to hire the
fit for us no matter where they're located in the world.
So can work remotely
Objective C is piece of cake for you
Kill bugs faster than your own shadow
Have experience with front-end & interactive
Very detail orientated
Can prototype fast
Good problem solver and creative thinker
Believe in changing the world.

What's good to have:

Knowledge of AS3
Want to experiment
Music and art lover
Love to bring new ideas and independent thinking
Be able to brew your own beer

Impress us with your portofolio and ideas and the job is yours!
If you already knew we were looking for a crazy genius because we put a cat with cool glasses then this is for you.

We are looking for a multidisciplinary designer who can make beautifully crafted stuff that doesn’t look like a digital version of an ikea chair. And who’s even more into great ideas than into nice packaging.

That means you should also deeply care about how things are going to be used, when it will be used, what’s the direction of the wind and the age of the captain to define what’s the best design.

You can work from home, the beach, anywhere in the world.
You can make beautiful organic looking stuff.
Great at solving problems and creative thinker
You are a precog: you know what people want before they know it themselves
You have very severe empathy
Self-Starting, independant
Believe in changing the world.

What’s good to have:

A bit of CSS/HTML
Animation, video editing etc...
Love to bring new ideas and independent thinking

Impress us with your portofolio, ideas and personality and the job is yours!